Clement Advisory Group

Today marks an historical day in the history of CAG.  As I, as the President & CEO am fully employed at VersaBank since March of this year a decision has been taken to eliminate any conflict of interest with my new role.  In this regard, the AML Shop who purchased CAG’s book of AML consulting business will continue to be the go-to organization for any of CAG’s clients, past and future.  Matt McGuire and his team continue to provide a tremendous service to clients Canada-wide.  He has amassed a tremendous expert base which will continue to ensure value-added service.

With respect to CAG’s investigative service, a decision has been taken to lapse the investigative service licence and to sell the investigative book of business to Lodestar Security.
Don Dixon, the founder and his colleague John Sullivan have a depth of experience and contacts through the world which enable them to provide expert investigations and intelligence probes.  Both have worked with the RCMP over the years and have developed a deep network which will continue to serve their clients in a very expert manner.

In the interim I will continue to compile Garry’s Siren which enables me to maintain my relevance due to the required research necessary.   I am also happy to report that I am excited to be working with Dr. Christian Leuprecht and Jeffrey Simser in writing a money laundering book which we hope adds value to the Cullen Commission.  In addition, I am working with Sam Cooper to finally finish my book highlighting aspects of my career.

I want to express my deep appreciation for the tremendous support provided to CAG over the years.  Many of my clients have become friends and I hope to be able to remain connected in some small way moving forward.  This is a tremendous industry and one that still has work to undertake in order for Canada to get ahead of organized crime.

CAG will continue as a corporation, primarily as a holding company for the near future.

Thanking everyone.

Garry W.G. Clement, CFE, CAMS, CFCS, FIS, CCI