About Clement Advisory Group

Over the past 10 years Clement Advisory Group has focused on ensuring their clients achieve their expectations, whether investigative and/or compliance consulting.  There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is time to slow down and enjoy retirement.  For this reason, decisions were taken to have the AML Shop assume most of CAG’s consulting contracts and to remain as a subject matter expert going forward. (www.theamlshop.ca)

With respect to CAG’s investigative role, having moved to Ottawa in 2019, a decision was taken to begin to work hand and hand with Lodestar Security Solutions, headed by Don Dixon and a long-time friend John Sullivan.  Since 2019 CAG found that this working relationship has proven beneficial to CAG client through the ability to have more depth due to Lodestar’s base of experts.   (www.lodestarsecurity.ca)

CAG has now decided to lapse its investigative agency license and work through Lodestar Security for all future investigations.  This will ensure enhanced capacity and provide greater depth and expertise for CAG’s clients.

Under CAG, Garry Clement will continue to entertain Board positions, senior advisor roles and speaking engagements. 

CAG has been proud to serve its many customers and looks forward to continuing through our new partnerships. To quote Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Garry is a certified member of the following organizations, having obtained their required certification standards:

  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – 1991
  • Association of Certified Money Laundering Experts – 2003
  • Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists – 2015
  • In addition Garry is the founding member of the ACAMS Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver Chapters.
  • Financial intelligence specialist -2020
  • Certified Crypto Investigator – 2020

Since 2007, after retiring from policing Garry entered the world of consulting and in 2009 formed Clement Advisory Group which is a licensed private investigative and a financial crime consulting firm.  Garry has overseen and handled numerous AML/CTF independent reviews, fraud investigations and provided training for front-line personnel and up to and including Boards of Directors.

In January 2015 the Chairman of Barbri; Mr. Stephen Fredette asked Garry to become a senior advisor to the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists which resulted in the assignment under contract as the EVP Executive Director. In conjunction with the Barbri management team, Garry has set a goal that the ACFCS will be recognized as the most relevant Association and provide the best thought leadership.

Garry has been widely quoted by many published authors in such books as: The Road to Hell, (Julian Sher) an overview of the Hells Angels, Dispersing the Fog, (Paul Polango) an overview of RCMP, Smokescreen, a book on Garry’s 1996 undercover operation into tobacco smuggling from the US into Canada which resulted in the highest civil penalty against the cigarette companies in Canadian History, Paper Fan (Terry Gould) flowing from Garry’s tour in Hong Kong , the book describes the international search for Wong, Lik Man a notorious “triad” member and other magazines and news print, as well as having been featured in the national news program W-5. Garry is a frequent guest of CTF, Global and CBC National News.

Recently Garry has been widely sought after for speaking on cyber-crime and what industry requirements should be.  Garry has endorsed NPC (No Panic Computing) as a great end point security solution for traveling executives and senior managers and Mindbridge Analytics a recent start-up which has a fraud solution based on artificial intelligence.

Garry has provided training in Hong Kong, Ireland, Panama, Columbia, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Antigua, USA and every province in Canada to law enforcement, the financial sector, prosecutors and government leaders.  He is frequently asked to speak at events organized by ACAMS, ACFE, ACFCS, Osgoode Law School, Canadian Institute, the Canadian MSB Association, KAW Management Services and CuSource. 

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