Mindbridge AI: The world’s first Ai-Auditor.

MindBridge’s Ai-Auditor handles your low-cognitive tasks from data preparation to reporting so you can focus on higher value work. Garry is a proud member of Mindbridge AI’s Board of Advisors and strongly endorses this next generation product.


DataSoft under the direction of Rahim Harji has created one of the best platforms for the management of foreign exchange. Having audited several companies who use this platform Garry is happy to provide an endorsement.

NPC DataGuard

A computer solution with everything the professional needs to be secure and productive, fully managed and supported 24/7 365 days per year. Having used NPCs for the past several years CAG fully endorsed the solution for organizations who care about being secure in this environment of cyber threats. A solution for senior managers, Board of Directors, law firms, sales team, small companies etc. that do not have the capacity to have a 24/7 cyber security solution. Why pay for in-house cyber protection which comes with marginal guarantees. Every NPC DataGuard Pro includes monitored and managed AES-256 encryption and malware protection, daily full-image secure backup to compliant Canadian or U.S. data centres, warranty, accidental damage protection and 24/7/365 technical support. These machines are fast, reliable and come with a biometric fingerprint reader for maximum security and convenience, as well as the most up-to-date Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office.

MTFX Group of Company

Since our launch in 1996, MTFX Group has grown to be one of the largest and most respected foreign exchange and global payment solution providers. We’ve built our reputation on amazing people and great technology. Our blend of “high-tech / high-touch” solutions has allowed us to become a leader in online foreign exchange by offering both personal and business clients the best possible services and solutions. MTFX’s client base includes individuals, small to medium-sized companies, large multi-national corporations, educational institutions, law firms, travel firms, charities, credit unions and banks. Our solutions span multiple industries in just about every business category.