CAG with its partners is proud to be able to provide the highest quality standard for financial consulting and investigative needs. Through Garry’s oversight, based on 34 years in law enforcement, everything conducted must achieve the highest standards and be able to withstand either regulatory and court scrutiny. CAG and its partners ensure that the right resources, at the right time are assigned to every contract. Training is either delivered through CAG’s network or through the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.

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  • Financial Investigations

    Clement Advisory Group, has successfully attracted expert investigative talent from former law enforcement, regulatory and legal fields.  CAG is able to provide the following investigative services:

    • Financial investigations focusing on asset location and recovery
    • Fraud investigation
    • Intellectual property
    • Secret commissions & kickbacks
    • Personnel vetting & background checks
    • Pre-Litigation investigations
    • Complex cross-border intelligence gathering and
    • We have leading subject matter experts for the conducting of interviews.
  • Due Dilligence Program

    Due diligence is a form of research and investigation conducted for the financial industry to minimize their risks associated to financial transactions, securities transactions and/or investment decisions.. Due diligence emphasizes understanding and quantifying the risk  for the client. CAG, in order to meet the worldwide requirements associated to due diligence relies on a network of subcontractors who have been deemed to be able to meet the high standards pertaining to investigation and information sought by our clients.

    CAG’s goal is to be able to provide professional reports that are deemed to be value added in respect of the client’s needs at a highly competitive cost.  In order to achieve this goal, CAG will undertake to manage the client and reports that are sent to the client whilst ensuring the costs are directly proportional to the costs expended for sub-contracting requirements. i.e. maximum 100% markup, unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise.

    CAG will ensure that all clients are introduced to the due diligence capacity of the company with a goal of fostering ongoing relationships. 

  • Training

    Bill 168 Workplace violence:

    CAG can offer companies and professional firms help in formalizing procedures that clearly articulate the following:

    • Violence and harassment policies and programs
    • Incident reporting and Investigation procedures
    • Emergency response procedure (violence only)
    • Process to deal with incidents, complaints and threats of violence  and the required follow-up

    Our training program focused on the following topics:

    • Workplace violence
    • Common myths
    • Threat making behaviour
    • Causes
    • Perpetrators
    • Warning Signs
    • Assessing the Threat
    • Managing the Risk
  • Interviewing

    Whether you are tasked with hiring employees, conducting annual employee assessments, sitting on promotion boards, delving into client backgrounds relative to Anti-Money Laundering Issues and or Terrorist Financing, you will improve your worth through the development of interviewing skills. CAG has associated itself with some internationally recognized subject matter experts who provide the benefit of their extensive experiences in order to ensure each candidate improves their current interviewing abilities.

    Even though most people believe that they can accurately identify deception, the research indicates that they cannot. The fact that overall you preformed about chance is not surprising. Research with thousands of professionals has shown that most people (judges, lawyers, psychologists, police, and so on) do no better than chance when trying to distinguish truth from lies in a standard task.

    What we can provide:


    • What to wear- how to act
    • What an effective interview room should look like
    • What are the barriers in an interview
    • When you tape the interview and use video;
    • Interview preparation
    • How to build rapport
    • Basic body language and expressions
    • Basic statement analysis


    • How to get a confession and/or interpreting the veracity of responses;
    • How to deal with disruptive or confrontational individuals
    • In depth analysis of body language – voice – and how to interpret terminology used by the subject being interviewed
    • Evidence vs statement vs information gathering


    Behavioral-based Information

    • Recognize the value of obtaining behavioral-based information.
    • Choose the statements that identify why past behavior accurately predicts future performance.
    • Identify the qualities of behavioral-based information.
    • Differentiate among the interview question response levels in business scenarios.

    Developing Behavioral-based Questions

    • Recognize the importance of preparing questions in advance of the interview.
    • Sequence the steps for developing effective technical interview questions.
    • Identify the effective work-habit questions in business scenarios.
    • Apply the techniques for selecting the fair and legal interview questions.

    Setting the Tone

    • Identify the benefits of setting the right interview tone.
    • Identify the strategies that minimize biases that compromise the interview process.
    • Choose the factors to create the proper environment for a behavioral interview.
    • Apply the methods for gaining usable information during an interview.
  • Expert Witnesses

    Garry Clement has been qualified at all court levels in Canada, and has been recognized as a subject matter expert in the following areas:

    • Money Laundering: Methods employed locally and internationally through the use of off-shore havens, smuggling methods, use of nominees, use of payable through and numbered bank accounts, use of money service businesses.
    • Organized Crime: The history, organization of organized crime with particular emphasis on Triads (Asian-Based Organized Crime) and the particular threat they pose to Canada.
    • Drug Trafficking Organizations: Organization and operation, drug packaging and cutting techniques, and profitability of the trafficking in various commodities, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis and its derivatives.
    • Contraband smuggling organizations: Organization, operation and smuggling techniques of contraband smuggling organizations.

    Many individuals today are being called upon to offer opinion evidence, but are they adequately prepared and do they understand what their roles are.  CAG through its expert pool of associates can bring together former prosecutors and law enforcement to hone the skills required to be deemed an expert within the confines of a court room.

  • Security Related Public Policy Communications / Presentations

    The new global economy suggests that successful businesses need the freedom to operate anywhere in the world – with the confidence that their business decisions are sound and their operations are secure.  CAG has the resources to assist companies in assessing their risks and preparing models for raising the security awareness of employees, from senior executives to managers.

    Such risks from cyber attacks to kidnapping in high risk jurisdictions can be minimized through effective training and employee awareness.

    Let us help you keep your employees alert and avoid costly civil actions based on an organizations unwillingness to provide the necessary tools for securing their work environments.

  • Anti-Money Laundering / Terrorist Financing

    Current legal frameworks require organizations to develop a risk based approach relative to their money laundering programs.  In order to have an effective, efficient and economic program the most important aspect is the need to comprehend what risks your organization has relative to criminal money laundering and terrorist financing.  CAG has a number of subject matter experts who can provide the necessary training to ensure your staff has a comprehensive understanding of how criminals and terrorists utilize our financial systems to move their money.

    “Know your customer, know their business” continues to be the anti-money laundering mantra, but the responsibilities of staff in financial services have been broadened by the Proceeds of Crime Act to include not just reporting of attempts money laundering by organised crime or terrorists, but any illegal activity, for example the deposit of funds not declared to the Inland Revenue, bogus insurance claims or social security scams.  A number of new types of business have been drawn into the money laundering regulations, including money service businesses, estate agents, jewellers and bookkeepers.  We are very happy to adapt our materials or produce new materials for these businesses.

    Many of CAG’s associates have been recognized as subject matter experts in the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing arenas and all possess excellent communication skills. Many have received designations such as Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Certified Fraud Examiners and Anti-Money Laundering Professionals.

    We design training for all financial sectors and law enforcement.  Training can be from as short as a few hours to a few days depending on your requirements. 

    The AML consulting aspects of business are managed by theAMLShop.

  • Law Enforcement

    Investigative Techniques wherein sessions are provided on methods of investigation, use of informants and/or sources, surveillance, interviews and assessing historic financial and criminal profiles, electronic surveillance, search warrants, the use of financial analysis and the benefit of specialized services.  Sessions are provided on the use of various financial markets to launder money from the stock market to trade-based finance.  The training then looks at the use of the internet for open source research and then a more in-depth overview is provide of the various accounting methods utilized for determining wealth and for tracing funds.  Candidates are then introduced to the red flags used to profile money couriers at airports.  Once these techniques are achieve the international arena is introduced with topics from Mutual Legal Assistance to use of liaison officers or police to police contacts.  The sessions then become more specialized and areas such as undercover, forensic interviewing, pre-seizure planning and finally developing oneself to be recognized as an expert witness; are introduced.

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